Corallorhiza trifida

Cor tri 1        Cor tri 2 

Corallorhiza trifida                     
taxonomy described by Châtelain, Jean Jacques
  publshed in Spec. Inaug. Corallorhiza  8 : 1760
  family Orchidaceae
  subfamily Cymbioid
  tribe Calypsoeae
  subtribe --
  genus Corallorhiza  Gagnebin 1755
  chromosomes  42  (GIROS) 
native of       origins

beech and spruce humus-rich, cool, shady in Parina Valley  to Oltre il Colle, Brembana Valley to 
S. Giovanni Bianco
and Camerata Cornello, Scalve Valley, to Schilpario




Cor tri 3  CFCE grid map



  altitude 1150 - 1500 m  (3800 - 4950 ft)
  exposure Cor tri 4
the plant life form geophyte or saprophyte
  roots   horizontal rhizome, which may produces more flowering stems
  nr. leaves no leaves
  height 10 - 25 cm  (4" - 10")
  nr. flowers 4 - 10
  blooming june to july 
  index of rarity     92,38
CITES appendix II

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